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The Roofdeck of Baron 3 Gardens was master-planned with the utmost efficiency and utilization in mind. We have provided more of what the homeowners need, without driving up our monthly association dues.

Business Lounge
Inspired by first class airline business lounges and community lounges found in high-end apartments in global cities such as Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, Baron 3 Gardens will have a version of such on the Roof deck directly overlooking Wack Wack Golf Course.

Envisioned to be the social center of this selective community, the Business Lounge will allow homeowners to interact, entertain guests, and be part of the Baron 3 Gardens community.

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool is elevated in order to give the users maximized views of the surrounding areas. Wade in the pool while taking in views of Wack Wack Golf Course and the surrounding Greenhills Villages.

Fitness Gym
The number one complaint of homeowners about going to a membership gym is that most people just want to go home after a long days work. We have placed a gym for you just an elevator ride away. The gym will feature free weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, and multi-purpose machines.

Sky Gardens
We have dedicated all open spaces on the Roof deck to Sky Gardens. The Sky Gardens will prove to be a useful area, be it for a garden party for guests, picnic with the family, or barbeque with friends.

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Baron 3 Gardens is indeed a luxurious residential option complete with facilities and amenities that make home life exciting, well-rounded, and dynamic. One of the development’s key features is the master-planned roof deck, which is designed to make the most out of a limited space to deliver enjoyment and actual use for the residents. In the roof deck, residents can enjoy the great outdoors and stunning views of San Juan and neighboring cities in utmost comfort.

There is also the Baron 3 Gardens business lounge, which was designed as a clear homage to first-class lounges offered by airlines to its well-heeled and jet-setting customers, as well as upscale community lounges found in posh residential buildings in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. This business lounge will offer panoramic views of the city and the nearby exclusive Wack Wack Golf Course.

Both the business lounge and the roof deck are envisioned by the Wee Community Developers team as the social hub of this luxurious residential project. Residents can socialize with their neighbors, throw parties, or entertain friends and special guests.

No modern upscale residential development will be caught without a swimming pool—and Baron 3 Gardens takes its pool offering to literally new level. The building’s elevated pool is specially designed to offer swimmers the best views in the house while they are enjoying a refreshing dip. The stunning views of Wack Wack Golf Course’s greenery and beautifully manicured gardens of posh Greenhills residences will definitely be a great treat for swimmers.

Baron 3 Gardens truly made the most of its vertical space, as seen in the beautifully designed Sky Gardens. Perfectly landscaped and maintained, this rooftop garden is the perfect setting for a garden party or a casual barbecue with select guests.

Fitness enthusiasts will be delighted with the in-house gym facility, complete with modern equipment and ample space for yoga, aerobics, or even Zumba sessions. There is no need to pay for membership fees in an exclusive gym when one can come home to a comfortable, well-appointed facility right at home. Free weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, and other fitness equipment will be available for the residents’ exclusive use.

Baron 3 Gardens also has a beautiful, welcoming lobby with trained security personnel to make residents feel safe and secure 24 hours a day. Key-card entry doors are also installed in every unit for increased security and convenience. All units come with its own intercom system, provisions for washing machines and dryers, telephone and broadband internet lines, provisions for air-conditioning units, and separate maid’s quarters.

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